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Our list wouldn't be complete without GoBistro Wynwood, a radiant presence in the world of Ramen restaurant. Nestled comfortably at 315 NW 25th St and just a call away at (305) 239-2271, this establishment has clinched a 4.5 stars ratings, based on 288 Google user reviews rating. Join us on a journey to explore the unique offerings that make it a category standout.

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From GoBistro Wynwood"GoBistro serves original Japanese Street Food including ramen, sushi, yakitori, bao buns, and more. It was founded in Hollywood, FL on December 13, 2013. Wynwood is the second location."
GO BISTRO 2. - Hot Bites
Avocado FriesPanko fried avocado$12.00
Pork GyozaPan fried pork & scallions dumpling$11.00
Gangnam WingsCrispy crunchy w/ ginger soy or spicy$14.00
K-Dog 1Korean Style Corn Dogs with Aribiki sausage and mozzarella cheese$7.00
K-Dog 2$12.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Quick Bites
Miso SoupMiso soup W/ dried seaweed, scallions and tofu$5.00
Green SaladLettuce, Tomatoes, Avocado, Asparagus, Carrot and avocado with ginger dressing$6.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Chicken
Breast Yakitori 2 Pc$10.00
Thigh Yakitori 2 Pc$10.00
Liver Yakitori 2 Pc$10.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Beef
Tenderloin Yakitori 2 Pc$14.00
Negimaki Yakitori 2 Pc$14.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Vegeable
Age Tofu$10.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Seafood
Baby Octopus Yakitori$14.00
Shrimp Yakitori$14.00
Scallop Yakitori$14.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Pork
Pork Belly Yakitori 2 Pc$14.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Yakitori Party
Party YakitoriPick 5 pc of your choice$27.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Hot Buns
Fried Tofu BunCrispy tofu with cucumber, pickle onions & scallions$13.00
Chicken BunFried chicken in ginger soy or spicy sauce w/ Cilantro, tomatoes & kewpie mayo$13.00
Pork Belly BunJuicy Pork Belly W/ Cucumber Pickle onions & Scallions$14.00
Softshell BunSoftshell Crab W/ lettuce, scallions & spicy mayo$14.00
Shrimp Po BunFried Jumbo shrimp w/ lettuce. tomato & spicy mayo$14.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Ramen
TonkotsuRich pork broth w pork belly, scallions, bamboo, nori & nitamago egg$18.00
CurrySpicy curry broth w pork belly, scallions, bamboo, nori & nitamago egg$18.00
Miso PorkEarth miso broth w/ pork belly, scallions, bamboo, nori & nitamago egg$18.00
Miso TofuVegetable miso broth w/ tofu, mushrooms, scallions, bamboo & nori$18.00
Shoyu PorkLight soy broth w/ pork belly, scallions, bamboo, nori & nitamago egg$18.00
Shoyu VegetableLight soy broth w/ tofu, mushrooms, scallions, bamboo & nori$18.00
The HangoverSpicy miso w/ greens, corn, bamboo, scallions, egg, crispy pork & spam$19.00
Tom Yum ShirmpThai Spicy and sour soap w/ mushrooms, tomatoes, scallions & egg$23.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Sushi Bites
Tuna TatakiSeared tuna served with ponzu.$16.00
Spam Bam MusubiSpam, egg, rice, furikake & nori$17.00
Tuna ValentinoCrispy rice top w/ spicy tuna, scallions, Masago, white sauce topped w/ serrano rings.$17.00
Avo ValentinoCrispy rice topped w/ fresh creamy guac, topped w/ white sauce, serrano rings & alfalfa sprouts.$17.00
Tuna For Loversthin sliced tuna wrapped around Kani salad, avocado & sprouts, w/ ell & white garlic sauce..$17.00
Salmon Bomb.comSeafood dynamite baked in salmon..$17.00
Sashimi Appetizer3 pc each tuna, salmon & Hamachi$22.00
Hamachi JalapenoSlice w jalapeno, red onion & scallion$18.00
Poke Dokietuna w/ avocado, red onions, scallions, sprouts over furikake sushi rice$18.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Nigiri
Ebi NigiriShrimp$8.00
Masago Nigiri$8.00
Tamago NigiriEgg$8.00
Krab Nigiri$8.00
Unagi NigiriEel$9.00
Scallop Nigiri$8.00
Sake NigiriSalmon$9.00
Maguro NigiriTuna$9.00
Hamachi Nigiri$9.00
Ebi Mayo Nigiri$9.00
Spicy Tuna Nigiri$9.00
Dynamite Nigiri$10.00
Spicy Scallop Nigiri$11.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Maki
Veggie MakiAvocado, cucumber, carrots & asparagus$9.00
Salmon SkinSalmon skin, cucumber , cream cheese & negi$9.00
CaliforniaKrab, cucumber, avocado & masago$10.00
Unagitoasted eel, cucumber & eel$12.00
Spicy TunaSpicy tuna, scallions & cucumber$12.00
Tuna Californiatuna, cucumber, avocado & masago$12.00
Salmon CaliforniaSalmon, cucumbers, avocado & masago$11.00
Japanese BagelSalmon, Cream cheese, & scallions$12.00
Shrimp TempuraShrimp yempura, avocado, mayo & scallions$13.00
Bagel TempuraJapanese bagel fried$13.00
Dynamite Roll$13.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Special Maki
The Ukrab crunch, shrimp temp, half top avocado & masago$18.00
DragonShirmp temp, cucumber, negi & spicy mayo top avocado$17.00
VolcanoKrab, avocado, & creme cheese, top baked mix seafood$17.00
Kani Crunchkrab, avocado, spicy mayo, top masago & Tempura flakes$16.00
Spicy Hamachi MamiHamachi, Jalapenos, cucumber, asparagus, top scallions$16.00
SupernovaSalmon, Creme cheese, avocado, scallions top salmon$16.00
RainbowKrab, Avocado, cucumber top fish$16.00
Tuna Crunchtuna, avocado, temp flakes. spicy mayo & masago$17.00
Captain CrunchTuna, Salmon, cucumber & avocado, top white fish tempura, spicy mayo$18.00
Spider Rollsoftshell crab, avocado, asparagus & top masago$18.00
White HotSpicy tuna, cucumber & avocado top white fish tataki & Negi$19.00
Mr. MiyagiSalmon, Creme Cheese, avocado & asparagus, top eel$19.00
Beauty & BeastKrab, avocado, asparagus & cucumber, top tuna & eel$19.00
Holy SmokesKrab crunch. avocado, top Aburi salmon w/ spicy mayo, Masago & negi$19.00
Super NinjaShrim temp, eel, cream cheese, asparagus, top tuna tataki & flakes$19.00
Friends W/ BenefitsSalmon, hamachi, ebi, wakame, cucumber, scallions top w/ tuna & Avo$19.00
Sumo SlamShrimp temp., avocado, creme cheese, top w/ seafood dynamite$20.00
MufasaShrimp temp., eel, cucumber, cream cheese, top Krab tempura, Masago, spicy mayo$21.00
YoloShrimp temp., avocado, scallions, topped w Masago, spicy tuna & white sauce$21.00
Like WhoaButter krab crunch, avo, scallions, top aburi scallops w/ spicy mayo, masago$21.00
Rock&RollSpicy tuna maki Top w/ Lobster Tempura tossed in spicy mayo.$23.00
Hosomaki Chu Toro +2$20.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Boba Tea
Boba Tea$5.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Beer
Lucky CatGentle white ale w/ yuzu aroma$11.00
Kawaba WhiteFull- bodied weizen w/sweet & citrus finish$11.00
Sapporo Light$7.00
Sapporo Black$11.00
Asahi Dry$11.00
Lucky Budda$7.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Soft Beverages
Hot Green Tea$4.00
Aqua Pana$4.00
Coke Zero$3.00
Diet Coke$3.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Sake
Hana Awaka$15.00
NihonjinSuper dry & rich w/ fruity overtones$25.00
Perfect SnowFull bodied nigori w crisp, dynamic flavor$25.00
NarutotaiClean & Rich hints of melon$57.00
SayuriNaturally pink, unfiltered w/ sweet taste & finish$17.00
HanakohakuClean & balance plum sake w/ hints of citrus$17.00
Yukirefreshing lychee, peach or mango infused milky nigori$18.00
Aladdin PinkAromatic nigori w/ hints of banana & pear$23.00
Aladdin YuzuSweet & Citrus junmai blend$23.00
Chocolate NigoriCreamy & Sweet w/ slightly bitter from chocolate$22.00
Mango Nigoribright tropical mango infused nigori$21.00
PulpyTangerine sake w/ sweet notes$12.00
Bushidonotes tart raspberry, pear & watermelon rind$13.00
Ikezo PeachSparkling peach jelly sake w/ sweet notes.$9.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Wine
Tintillo Malbec$15.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Dessert
GonutsThe infamous donut tower glazed in condensed milk & sprinkles Ovaltine cocoa powder$13.00
GO BISTRO 2. - Extras and Sides
Chili Oil$1.00
Chili Powder$1.00
Coconut Milk$1.00
Condensed Milk$1.00
Cream Cheese$1.00
Crimini Mushroom$2.00
Eel Sauce$0.50
Fried Chicken$5.00
Tempura Flakes$1.00
Shrimp Tempura 2pc$5.00
Ginger Dressing$1.00
Ginger Sushi$1.00
Bok Choi$2.00
Gyoza 3 Pc$5.00
Ice Cream$3.00
Jumbo Shirmp$3.00
Kale Noodles$4.00
Plain Bun$3.00
Quail Egg$1.00
Ramen Broth$7.00
Tom Yum Broth$10.00
Spicy Mayo$1.00
Sushi Rice$3.00
White Rice$3.00

GoBistro Wynwood Hours

(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
12 PM–1 AM
Hours might differ
Tuesday12 PM–1 AM
Wednesday12 PM–1 AM
Thursday12 PM–1 AM
Friday12 PM–1 AM
Saturday12 PM–1 AM
Sunday12 PM–1 AM

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6 Reviews for GoBistro Wynwood

Nair Salinas review for GoBistro Wynwood
Nair Salinas Rated 5.0 out of 5, to GoBistro Wynwood
  • by Nair Salinas
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

We loved the atmosphere here! Service 100% recommended. Food was great but we still thinking that the one in Hollywood is better we have been going there por 8+ years. The taste is different.

Natasha Armas review for GoBistro Wynwood
Natasha Armas Rated 5.0 out of 5, to GoBistro Wynwood
  • by Natasha Armas
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

This is the second time we’ve been here to eat and it was pretty yummy! The lighting in the pictures are darker than what it really is in the restaurant, you won’t be squinting through the menu or not be able to see your food. This time we started out with the #7 cold sake, the Yuki lychee nigori. It was nice and light, lightly sweet and tropical. For appetizers we had ordered the pork gyoza, there were 6 pan seared dumplings with the gyoza sauce. Their chili oil was delicious, nice spice and flavors of garlic in there. We were in the mood for ramen so this is why we decided to go to GoBistro last night and we were not disappointed. We ordered the curry ramen and tonkotsu ramen. The bowls are deceiving because there’s a healthy portion of ramen in the bowl, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the shape of the bowls. Everything was delicious, and the staff were friendly. The bathrooms are entrance by code, which is great for patrons and staff because wynwood can be pretty lit and the buzzed foot traffic can leave plenty of messes. Pay to park on your mobile app, everything in Wynwood is parallel parking. There is also gratuity included but the service is always great, don’t forget to leave a little extra for your staff! Great spot for a late night meal!

Real Reviews review for GoBistro Wynwood
Real Reviews Rated 5.0 out of 5, to GoBistro Wynwood
  • by Real Reviews
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Pretty cool place! Went with the girls to get some ramen but I ended up ordering the poke bowl which was a solid 8/10.If you go, you MUST get the avocado fries! They were irresistible.

Melissa Blodgett review for GoBistro Wynwood
Melissa Blodgett Rated 5.0 out of 5, to GoBistro Wynwood
  • by Melissa Blodgett
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Was glad to have found this place on Google as I eat Latin food on the regular and was in need of something different... I love Ramen and this was definitely one of the best places I've tried! Service was good, took a little long for the food to come out however that assured me that it was fresh.

Lenny the Heart review for GoBistro Wynwood
Lenny the Heart Rated 5.0 out of 5, to GoBistro Wynwood
  • by Lenny the Heart
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

The food was incredible, like, the taste and flavor can only be achieved sometimes In life. My mouth waters thinking of that late night experience. Service was exceptional too. Charming staff here, really. Highly recommended. And plus when I went it was like 2am ish!

Andre Choo Quan review for GoBistro Wynwood
Andre Choo Quan Rated 4.0 out of 5, to GoBistro Wynwood
  • by Andre Choo Quan
  • |
  • Google Reviews

Go for the Ramen, stay for the GoNuts (their Donut dessert)!! Enjoy the variety of Sake. We had the Lemon and the Lychee flavors. I went with the Hangover Ramen, and everything hit the spot, minus the spam. Service was on the slow end. But let's discuss these donuts. Around 10 donuts served warm on a ringer with crumbed Oreo cookies... heavenly. Each bite reminded me of deep-fried Oreo's.

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