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In Miami's Restaurant offerings, wing-land stands out as a true gem. They're quietly situated at 1900 NE Miami Ct and can be reached at (682) 716-0043. With a 4.5 stars ratings, based on 5 Google user reviews rating, they've certainly made their mark. Stick with us as we explore why they're a must-visit choice in their category.

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From wing-land"hungry??? choose from a variety of your favorite sauce to blend with the wings, with a choice of boneless and bone inn wings."
WING-LAND 11/7 - Entrees
Buffalo WingsStay with the classics! Wings tossed in a traditional buffalo sauce.$0.00
Teriyaki Tossed WingsWings packed with schewan pepper and fresh spices are at once mouth-numbing and wonderfully flavored.$0.00
Garlic ParmesanTossed in fusing parmesan cheese with a kick of garlic, this Italian inspired sauce is deliciously creamy.$0.00
Golden Hot Wingschicken wings fried till crispy, smothered in our secret house sauce.$0.00
Crispy WingsNo false promises here! these wings are truly crispy seasoned with our secret spicy mix.$0.00
Lemon Pepper WingsLemon pepper wings are juicy, fried to golden brown perfection then tossed in a sweet-spicy lemon honey glaze.$0.00
Jamaican Jerk Wingssucculent Jamaican chicken wings treat. You will love the heat and the flavour of this fiery marinade$0.00
Buttermilk Crispy Tendershome made buttermilk marinated ,seasoned ,fried to crispy and crunchy perfection.$14.95
Nashville Hot Wingswings tossed in paprika hot Nashville sauce$0.00
BBQ Wings$0.00
Mango Habanero Wings$0.00
WING-LAND 11/7 - Sides
FriesALL THAT AND A PLATE OF FRIES. fresh cut seasoned fries.$5.95
Hand Cut Fresh Fries$7.95
Mac And Cheese$5.95
Black Beansa staple. black beans cooked with onion chili pepper, garlic, red chili sauce , cumin, lime$5.95
Cilantro Lime Ricea flavorful rice made with fresh cilantro and lime$5.95
Chips And Salsathere is too much dip on that chip -- SAID NO ONE EVER.crispy chips with fresh house made salsa.$7.95
WING-LAND 11/7 - Combos
Bold Pack Combo50 wings with your choice of 4 sauce$80.00
WING-LAND 11/7 - Desserts
Chocolate Mousse$8.95
TiramisuBeautiful italian dessert with lady fingers dipped in espresso and layered with sweet fluffy mascarpone cheese, dusted with cocoa powder$8.95
New York Cheese Cake$8.95
Assorted Macroons Pack$10.95
WING-LAND 11/7 - Drinks
WING-LAND 11/7 - Additional Sauce
Blue Cheese$1.50
Cilantro Sauce$1.50
Hot Sauce$1.50
Nashville Hot$1.50
Thai Chilli$1.50
Jamican Jerk$1.50

wing-land Hours

(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
2 PM–2 AM
Hours might differ
Tuesday2 PM–2 AM
Wednesday2 PM–2 AM
Thursday2 PM–2 AM
Friday2 PM–4 AM
Saturday2 PM–4 AM
Sunday2 PM–2 AM

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5 Reviews for wing-land

Maria Moore review for wing-land
Maria Moore Rated 1.0 out of 5, to wing-land
  • by Maria Moore
  • |
  • Google Reviews
1.0 Poor

Ordered food online to be delivered, got my confirmation that my order was placed and they never delivered it. I’ve called multiple times and it rings once and hangs up. Still haven’t got my $50 back.

Coco Nuts review for wing-land
Coco Nuts Rated 5.0 out of 5, to wing-land
  • by Coco Nuts
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Smart consideration and kindness I would like to commend her for her kindness. Thank you so much . I will order again your company

Charles Hollis review for wing-land
Charles Hollis Rated 1.0 out of 5, to wing-land
  • by Charles Hollis
  • |
  • Google Reviews
1.0 Poor

This place charged my card and no one was able to help find my order and they didn't remake it.

Spazzy review for wing-land
Spazzy Rated 5.0 out of 5, to wing-land
  • by Spazzy
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Great service! Wings were so delicious!

Rinki Pal review for wing-land
Rinki Pal Rated 5.0 out of 5, to wing-land
  • by Rinki Pal
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Was craving at night , quick delivery

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