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We present Flip Cafe, an undisputed champion in the realm of Cafe. Whether you find them at 31 NW 9th St or dial their (305) 354-0863, their 4.5 stars ratings, based on 14 Google user reviews rating speaks volumes about their distinction. Immerse yourself in our coverage as we dissect what makes them the preferred destination for Cafe enthusiasts.

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From Flip Cafe"All-day breakfast delivery or pick-up in downtown from 8 a.m.! Poached eggs, cottage cheese pancakes, French omelette, avocado toast and more… Our extraordinary recipes will surprise you! Gluten free and sugar free options are available. Order on...  More
All Day breakfast - Breakfast
Poached Eggs With Salmon & AvocadoPoached eggs with salmon,mashed avocado and cherry tomatoes on multigrain bread Start your day healthy!$17.99
Eggs BenedictPoached eggs with smoked salmon and home made hallandise sauce on toast$17.99
Bruschetta "Vitello Tonato"Our breakfast variation of classic Italian appetizer! Roast beef with tuna pate on toast$15.99
American BreakfastHash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon and ketchup$14.99
Salmon&Cream Cheese ToastSmoked salmon, cream cheese, honey mustard, capers, dill on toast$15.99
"Syrniki"Unforgettable vanilla cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream and raspberry jam High protein!$14.99
Avocado ToastSliced avocado with hemp seeds and our signature spices on multigrain bread!$12.99
Tuna SandwichTuna pate, cherry tomatoes, pesto and crispy multigrain bread$10.99
Omelette With Tomatoes And SpinachFrench omelette with mozzarella, tomatoes and spinach. Comes with bread&butter$13.99
Mini Pancakes With Vanilla Cream And BlueberriesSweet morning! 5 mini pancakes with vanilla cream, agave syrup and blueberries$16.50
Omelette Ham & CheeseFrench omelette with ham and cheese. Served with bread, butter and mix salad$14.99
Brownie TrifleFluffy chocolate sponge cake with nuts, raspberry and cream based on sour cream$9.99
Mom’s Honey CakeSoft honey cakes soaked in cream based on sour cream$9.99
Ham & Cheese CrepesTwo wraps stuffed with ham and mozzarella cheese$13.99
French Toast With Berries And Vanilla SauceSweet morning! Two brioche pieces with fresh berries and home made vanilla sauce$14.99
Oatmeal With Pistachios, Berries, And Agave SyrupHealthy breakfast! Whole grain oats with berries, pistachios and agave syrup Refined sugar free!$11.99
Crêpes With Salmon & Sour CreamThree soft crepes with salmon and sour cream$17.99
Banana & Nutella CrepesTwo crepes stuffed with banana & Nutella$13.99
All Day breakfast - Beverages
MacchiatoEspresso with milk foam$3.50
Hot Cappuccino, 12oz.$4.90
Hot Latte,12 Oz.Latte 12 oz(0,33 ml)$4.90
Strawberry&Banana Smoothie, 16 Oz.Thick refreshing smoothie, only natural ingredients!$7.99
Iced Latte, 20oz.Nothing is better than iced coffee in a hot Miami day!$5.25
Iced Hazelnut Latte, 20oz.Iced latte with hazelnut flavor!$5.90
Espresso Americano, 12 Oz.$3.90
Iced Vanilla Latte, 20 Oz.Iced latte with vanilla flavor!$5.90
Iced Caramel Latte, 20oz.Iced latte with caramel flavor$5.90
Iced Coconut Latte, 20 Oz.Iced latte with coconut flavor$5.90
All Day breakfast - Italian Cuisine
Spaghetti CarbonaraSpaghetti Al dente with bacon and creamy sauce$14.99
Fusilli Wth Pesto Sauce And TomatoesPasta fusilli Al dente with pesto sauce and tomatoes$13.99
Spaghetti With Shrimps, Tomatoes And Herbs In Creamy SauceSpaghetti Al dente with 5 shrimps, cherry tomatoes, thyme and creamy sauce$17.50
All Day breakfast - Salads
Greek SaladTomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, greens, olives,feta cheese, capers dressed with our signature honey mustard dressing and served with rosemary toast!$17.99
Niçoise SaladClassic tuna salad with tomatoes, baby potato, egg, greens, capers and olives$16.50
All Day breakfast - Desserts
Profiteroles With Dulce De Leche & ChocolateSeven pieces of fantastic profiteroles filled with Dulce de leche cream and chocolate sauce on top$11.99
Brownie TrifleFluffy chocolate sponge cake with nuts, raspberry and cream based on sour cream$9.99
Mom’s Honey CakeSoft honey cakes soaked in cream based on sour cream$9.99
Homemade Banana Chocolate Ice Cream, No Sugar AddedHealthy ice cream! Only banana, oat milk, cacao and peanut butter in! Perfectly Withstands 20 min delivery!$9.50
Banana & Nutella CrêpesTwo crepes stuffed with Banana&Nutella$13.99

Flip Cafe Hours

(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
8 AM–8 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday8 AM–8 PM
Wednesday8 AM–8 PM
Thursday8 AM–8 PM
Friday8 AM–8 PM
Saturday8 AM–8 PM
Sunday8 AM–8 PM

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