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In the realm of Barbecue restaurant, Smokey Trails BBQ shines brightly. Nestled at 10400 NW 7th Ave and reachable at (253) 670-2123, this establishment has garnered a 4.5 stars ratings, based on 166 Google user reviews rating. Join us as we delve into the offerings that make it a standout in its category.

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From Smokey Trails BBQ"Wood Smoked BBQ Food Truck"
All Day - Meats - Ribs (Pork)
Ribs Meal(Includes 1 Side).$12.00
Rib (Small)$11.00
1/2 Rack Of Ribs$18.00
Whole Rack$34.00
All Day - Meats - Chicken
1/2 Smoked Chicken Meal(Includes 1 Side).$12.00
1/2 Smoked Chicken$9.00
Whole Smoked Chicken$17.00
All Day - Meats - Brisket (Beef)
Brisket Sandwich Meal$15.00
Brisket Sandwich$12.00
Brisket By The Pound$20.00
All Day - Meats - Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork Sandwich Meal$13.00
Pork Sandwich$9.00
Pulled Pork By The Pound$15.00
All Day - Meats - Sausage
Red Hot Sausage Links (3 Links)$15.00
Hickory Smoked Link Sausage (1 Link)$15.00
All Day - Hot & Cold Side Dishes
Corn On The CobMouth watering butterycorn on the cob.$4.00
Collard GreensFresh collard greens are cooked with spices and pulled pork. Collards are pork flavored and always fresh!$4.00
Half Pan Baked Beans$30.00
Pan (Whole) Mac And Cheese$30.00
Side Sauce (1) Extra Container$1.00
Half Pan Potato Salad$30.00
Chips Dirty BBQ$1.00
Side Cold Macaroni SaladFresh macaroni salad!$3.00
Side Bread Slices (4)$1.00
Side Cold ColeslawFresh chopped coleslaw!$3.00
Side Hot Mac And CheeseCreamy, cheesy, and loaded with flavor, Mac and Cheese is an easy side dish that everyone goes crazy for!$4.00
Side Corn Bread$2.00
Side Cold Potato SaladFresh potato salad.$3.00
Side Hot Baked BeansMouth watering Baked Beans with overflowing Pulled Pork!$4.00
Side Hot Chef Choice$4.00
Half Pan Coleslaw$30.00
All Day - Meat Only
Smoked Turkey Leg$9.00
All Day - Sodas
Soda Orange Soda$2.00
Soda Gatorade Red$2.00
Soda Gatorade Yellow$2.00
Soda C&C Grape$2.00
Soda Couronne Fruit Champagne$2.00
Soda Gatorade Orange$2.00
Soda A & W Root Beer$2.00
Soda Bottle Of Water$1.00
Soda Coke$2.00
Soda Ice Tea$2.00
Soda Sprite$2.00

Smokey Trails BBQ Hours

(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
6:30 AM–10:30 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday6:30 AM–10:30 PM
Wednesday6:30 AM–10:30 PM
Thursday6:30 AM–10:30 PM
Friday6:30 AM–10:30 PM
Saturday6:30 AM–10:30 PM
Sunday6:30 AM–10:30 PM

Service Categories

  • Barbecue restaurant

6 Reviews for Smokey Trails BBQ

Mick Terrero review for Smokey Trails BBQ
Mick Terrero Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Smokey Trails BBQ
  • by Mick Terrero
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Some of the best ribs I've ever had, not fall off the bone but just right. The chicken is certainly the BEST smoked chicken I've ever had. Potato salad is good, too, but I would have preferred Southern style. I didn't like the mac and cheese though.

Joerell Valdes review for Smokey Trails BBQ
Joerell Valdes Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Smokey Trails BBQ
  • by Joerell Valdes
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

I have been coming to this barbecue joint for the past 7 years and I have to say this place offers amazing "Smoked with wood" barbecue that is exceptional above any other BBQ place I have been too. (And trust me I've been to a lot) with a variety of menu items that also includes side dishes and drinks, there's a variety of different things to choose from. One of my personal favorite meat they have is their brisket. I personally know people that drive all the way from North Florida just to come and try his brisket it's that good!! His ribs,chicken, pulled pork and sausages are also all amazing. The choices of sauces is always a plus! I will always recommend this place to everyone that I know and if you're reading this post trust me just go there and try it out the food will speak for itself !!!!!

Eloy Valdes review for Smokey Trails BBQ
Eloy Valdes Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Smokey Trails BBQ
  • by Eloy Valdes
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Great BBQ! Smokey Trails has been in the same spot a long time. The brisket , pork ribs and pulled pork are suburb!

Greg Trauth review for Smokey Trails BBQ
Greg Trauth Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Smokey Trails BBQ
  • by Greg Trauth
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Smokey Trails is Miami’s legit bbq. My go-to guy for mouth-watering succulent brisket, ribs and pulled pork. Love the Carolina bbq sauce and the man knows how to smoke amazing meat. Don’t find a restaurant, get you some Smokey Trails and bring it home so your house gets the aroma.

Eden Umbal review for Smokey Trails BBQ
Eden Umbal Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Smokey Trails BBQ
  • by Eden Umbal
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

They’re about to go home and have already put away everything but they still accomodated us when we came to buy brisket. Without hesitation they took care of us. Very nice people and their brisket is the best ever. Thank you so much. You guys are awesome. We really appreciate you. We’ll come back again tomorrow lunch time for another round. Go check them out and let’s support local business

Dannel Morales review for Smokey Trails BBQ
Dannel Morales Rated 1.0 out of 5, to Smokey Trails BBQ
  • by Dannel Morales
  • |
  • Google Reviews
1.0 Poor

As an Uber eats driver, I went to pick up an order and the man was very short and rude with me, didn’t want to hear the name of the order, didn’t want to speak to me at all. Just kept saying “confirm it, confirm it” as soon as I said hello. Very rude.

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