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Another gem in Miami's crown is TRAN AN, an exceptional Vietnamese restaurant establishment nestled at 215 NE 82nd St. Sporting a stellar 4.5 stars ratings, based on 482 Google user reviews rating and reachable via (786) 423-3578, it's a top choice for aficionados of Vietnamese restaurant. Stay tuned as we uncover what makes this place a true standout.

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From TRAN AN"Vietnamese Comfort Food"
Tran An (Little River) - Accessories
Tran An Beanie$25.00
Tran An Floral Hat$35.00
Tran An (Little River) - Beverages
Mexican Coke$4.00
Thai Tea$5.00
Coke Zero$2.50
Aqua PannaUltra premium water. Non-Flouride Water.$4.00
Tran An (Little River) - Tran An Family Meals
Broken Rice DinnerServes 4-5. Dinner set includes: Shrimp Chips Tran An Chicken Tendies (20 pc) Papaya Salad Your choice of meat Carrot & Daikon Slaw Grandma Sauce Pho Broth$75.00
Chili Garlic Noodle DinnerServes 4-5. Dinner set includes: Shrimp Chips Tran An Chicken Tendies (20 pc) Papaya Salad Your choice of meat Spicy Cucumbers Pho Broth Sate Chili Garlic Sauce$82.00
Tran An (Little River) - Small Plates
Sesame Shrimp ToastClassic Chinese takeout-style shrimp toast, made with Texas toast. Served with Grandma Mayo$18.00
Tran An TendiesCrispy fried marinated all-white meat seasoned with savory citrus salt. Served with Grandma Honey.$4.00
Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls (2 Pc)Hand-rolled to order, with cucumber, thin vermicelli noodles, pickled slaw, and herbs. Served with our spicy peanut hoisin dipping sauce.$16.00
Pork & Shrimp Imperial Rolls (3 Pc)3 crispy rolls served with lettuce herbs and pickled slaw to make the best crispy lettuce wraps. Served with Grandma Sauce for perfect dipping.$18.00
Green Papaya SaladShredded green papaya, red onion, pickled slaw, and herbs dressed in Grandma Sauce and topped with a load of crushed peanuts$15.00
Vietnamese Chicken SlawRefreshing shredded white cabbage, red onion, herbs and crispy garlic tossed with chargrilled chicken$18.00
Vegan Spring RollsHand-rolled to order with cucumber, special thin vermicelli, shredded papaya, shiitake mushroom, pickled slaw and herbs, served with our sweet chili vinaigrette$14.00
Shrimp ChipsJust like the ones you had as a kid! Served with a lime wedge. Sound ON with a squeeze!$9.00
Tran An (Little River) - Banh Mis
King Fried Chicken Banh MiAll praise the King! Our tendies stuffed in a baguette with Grandma Slaw, spicy pickled cucumbers and Grandma Mayo$20.00
Super Deluxe Banh MiTreat Yo Self! Imagine our delicious lemongrass sausage in a sandwich with our famous BBQ pork in a toasted baguette with country pate, maggi butter, cucumber, pickled slaw and herbs. It doesn't get much better than that.$20.00
BBQ Pork Banh MiOur famous BBQ pork belly in a toasted baguette with country pate, maggi butter, cucumber, pickled slaw and herbs$19.00
Chargrilled Chicken Banh MiMarinated and grilled all-natural free-range chicken, served on a toasted baguette, with country pate, maggi butter, pickled slaw and herbs$18.00
Lemongrass Beef Banh MiTenderly braised beef brisket in 5 spice and lemongrass, served on a toasted baguette, with country pate, maggi butter, pickled slaw and herbs$20.00
Shrimp Puff Banh MiSucculent Fried Shrimp Puffs, served on a toasted baguette, with spicy cucumber pickles, cabbage slaw, and Grandma Mayo$19.00
Tofu & Tomato Banh MiMomma's Tofu in Tomato Gravy, served with tofu mayo, on a toasted baguette, cucumber, pickled slaw, and herbs$17.00
Tran An (Little River) - Soups & Stews
Beef PhoTender sliced beef brisket, and all-beef meatballs in a rich bone marrow broth. Served with red onion, pickled bean sprouts, and herbs$23.00
Chicken PhoServed with pulled free-range all-white meat. Served with red onion, pickled bean sprouts, and herbs (egg not included)$22.00
Vegan PhoSweet mushroom and cabbage broth. Served with shredded white cabbage, edamame, red radish, red onion, pickled bean sprouts, herbs, and marinated shiitake mushrooms.$19.00
Vietnamese Chicken CurryAll-natural white meat, stewed in a spicy sweet potato curry stew, served with cabbage, red onion, and herbs. Served with a side of rice.$23.00
Garlic Chicken Soup NoodlesSlurpy egg noodles with chargrilled chicken in a savory chili garlic bone broth, served with shredded cabbage, red onion, herbs and crispy garlic$24.00
Lemongrass Beef Stew NoodlesBeef brisket braised in red wine and lemongrass, served with cabbage slaw, red onion, herbs and crsipy garlic$28.00
Tran An (Little River) - Bowls
Broken RiceOur special broken white jasmine rice cooked with ginger, served with cucumber, pickled slaw, herbs, crispy garlic and Grandma sauce, and your choice of protein$14.50
Vermicelli NoodlesRefreshing thin vermicelli noodle salad, served with sweet gem lettuce, pickled slaw, herbs, crispy garlic and a side of Grandma Sauce, and your choice of protein$14.50
Hot Mixed NoodlesServed with your choice of meat, pickled bean sprouts, red onion, herbs, crispy garlic and a side of pho broth.$15.00
Chili Garlic NoodlesMomma's favorite noodles, with your choice of meat, spicy cucumbers, bean sprouts, herbs, and peanuts. Topped with mom's secret sate chili paste$15.50
Tran An (Little River) - Momma's Faves
House Special RiceOur special broken rice with BBQ pork, lemongrass sausage, and a perfect egg, served with all the good stuff$24.00
Tran An Chicken RiceAll natural white meat mixed rice, with spicy cucumbers, cabbage and herbs, served with Ginger Grandma Sauce$23.00
Hanoian Pork Noodlesinfamous city noodles, served with a crispy Imperial Roll, gem lettuce, herbs and fried garlic.$26.00
Combo "Fried" RiceLemongrass pork mixed rice and crispy shrimp, with spicy cucumbers, cabbage, herbs, crispy garlic and a perfect egg.$26.00
Tran An (Little River) - Side Sauces & Pickles
Grandma SauceMomma was right about everything$9.50
Red Sambal (8 Oz)Our own homemade mix of chilies, spice and garlic to be the perfect spicy condiment to anything!$12.00
Chilies & Garlic (8 Oz)Our most popular spicy pickles$10.00
Vietnamese Country Pate$14.00
Carrot & Daikon Slaw$12.00
Spicy Cucumbers$11.00
Pickled Bean Sprouts$10.00
Ginger Grandma Sauce (8 Oz)Loaded with gingery goodness that will brighten up every bite$10.00
Grandma Honey (8 Oz)Orange blossom honey with grandma hints of savory and spice. the perfect dipping for any dipper$15.00
Grandma Mayo (8 Oz)Japanese kewpie mayo that grandma spiced up to make it extra special$12.00
Spicy Peanut Hoisin (8 Oz)Our famous spring roll dipping sauce nuff said.$10.00
Vegan Grandma Sauce (8 Oz)Sweet, savory and sour to meet all your deliciousness needs$8.00
Tran An (Little River) - Sides
Chilies & Garlic (2 Oz)$3.00
Red Sambal (2 Oz)$3.50
Beef Necks In BrothThe perfect side to any dish doesn't ex...$11.00
Pho Brisket In BrothIf you just can't enough of our meat$12.00
Pho Chicken In BrothJust the tender white meat$11.00
Side Bone BrothGluten free. the perfect side to soothe your soul after every bite of food.$10.00
Side RiceGluten free.$5.00
Side NoodlesGluten free.$5.00
Chargrilled Chicken (4 Oz)$10.00
OG BBQ Pork Belly (4 Oz)$11.00
Lemongrass Sausage (6pc)$11.00
Braised Beef Stew (5 Oz)$13.00
Vegan Tofu In Tomato GravyCubes of Tofu that have been lightly fried and stewed in our homemade red wine tomato gravy.$9.00
Tran An (Little River) - Sweets
Banana Tapioca PuddingSweet banana coconut milk with tapioca, mixed with sweet stewed bananas topped with peanuts$14.00
Tropical Fruits & JelliesLychees, jackfruit, coconut and grass jelly with sweet basil seeds served with a sweet pandan milk. The most refreshing treat if you're out on a hot Miami day!$14.00


(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
11:30 AM–10 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday11:30 AM–9 PM
Wednesday11:30 AM–9 PM
Thursday11:30 AM–9 PM
Friday11:30 AM–10 PM
Saturday11:30 AM–10 PM
Sunday11:30 AM–10 PM

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