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In Miami's dynamic Thai restaurant landscape, Thai Street Food Wynwood has carved out a distinctive identity. Located with finesse at 1900 NE Miami Ct and reachable through (786) 498-2581, they've secured a well-deserved 4.5 stars ratings, based on 11 Google user reviews rating. Join us as we embark on a journey to unveil the unique features that make them a must-visit in their category.

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From Thai Street Food Wynwood"Famous Thai street food made fresh daily. Yummmmm!! Thai Street Food Team"
Harumaki Spring RollCrispy veggies spring rollss served with sweet chili sauce$6.99
GyozaDeep fried or steam seasoned pork in a thin pastry served with sesame dipping$6.99
Crab RangoonWonton wrapper, cream cheese, imatition crab$6.99
Crunchy KaniCrispy fried crab-sticks served with sweet chili sauce$6.99
Steam VeggiesSteam mixed veggies carrots,broccoli,cabbage,mushrooms served with sauce$7.99
Chicken SatayGrill marinated chicken on the skewer served with sweet chili & peanut sauce$9.99
Shimp In The Blanket (4)Golden shrimp wrapped served with sweet chili sauce Golden wrapped shrimp served with sweet chili sauce$9.99
Shrimp Tempura Appt (3)Fried Shrimp tempura served with ell sauce$8.99
Fried Thai TofuFried Thai Tofu served with sweet chili sauce$5.99
Thai Fish Cake (Tod Mun Pla)Thai Fish Cake, curry paste, eggs, lime leave served with cucumber, peanut sweet chili sauce$9.99
MissoSoybean broth with tofu, seaweed & scallions$3.99
Veggies MisoMixed Viggies in miso soup$5.99
Tom YumFamous Thai soup with lemongrass, galanga, mushrooms, scallions & cilantro$6.99
Tom KarFamous thai coconut milk soup with lemongrass,galanga,mushrooms,scallions&cirantro$7.99
Thai Street Food Menu
Pad Ka PraoTraditional Thai spicy stir-fried grounded chicken or pork with garlic chili & holy basil sauce , Served with Fried Egg & over rice$15.99
Thai OmeletThai Style Omelette with minced chicken, basil leaves, onions & scallions served Over Rice & Chili sauce$13.99
Pad ThaiSauteed rice noodles with chicken,egg,bean sprouts,scallions,fried tofu with ground peanuts$13.99
Larb Gai (Chicken)Spciy minced chicken salad with fresh thai herb, lime juices, scallions, red onions, cilantro & roasted rice powder$12.99
Thai Chicken WingCrispy Fried chicken wings marinated with fish sauce sered with sweet chili and Fried shallots$8.99
Tom Yum Gai (Chicken)Famous Thai Soup with Lemongrass, galanga, mushroom,scallions & cilantro$6.99
Tom Kar Gai (Chicken)Famous Thai Coconut milk Soup with Lemongrass, galanga, mushroom,scallions & cilantro$7.99
Isan SausageGrilled North east thai fermented sausage it make with pork and rice$12.99
Som Tum Thai+PuSpciy Papaya salad with salted crab, garlic , tomatoes, string bean,peanut , lime$8.99
Thai Beef JerkMarinated stripped beef in thai sauce served with spicy sauce$8.99
Mango Sticky RiceAuthentic Thai dessert made of glutinous rice, fresh coconut milk top with a ripe mango$8.99
Bitter Melon With EggsHealthy dish Stir-fry bitter melon,eggs and garlic$13.99
Thai Shrimp EggplantSauteed garlic with shrimp , eggplant , bell peppers, basil with homemade sauce$15.99
Thai Fish Cake (Tod Mun Pla)Thai fish cake, red curry paste, eggs, lime leave served with cucumber & pea nut sweet chili sauce$9.99
Kanom Jeeb (Homemade Pork Dumpling)Famous Homemade Thai pork dumpling served with fried garlic , scallions, sweet soy chili sauce$8.99
Stir-Fried & Curry
Thai Basil LeaveSauteed basil leaves,bamboo shoots,bell peppers,mushrooms,onions in spicy basil sauce$15.99
Thai Cashew NutSauteed spicy chili paste with cashew nut, bell peppers,onion,scallions,celery,mushrooms&carrot$16.99
Thai Ginger SauceSauteed with ginger,onions,bell pepper, pineapple,scallions&mushrooms$15.99
Shrimp EggplantSauteed shrimp garlic,eggplant,basil&home made sauce$17.99
Volcano ChickenCrispy chicken breast in spicy sweet chili sauce with onions,scallions,bell peppers & basil leaves+Mixed veggies$15.99
Sauteed Mixed VeggiesSauteed oyster sauce with broccoli,bell peppers,cabbage,celery,bean sprount,carrot,mushrooms,onions,scllions$15.99
Red CurryRed curry+cocomut milk with bamboo shoots,bell peppers,basil leaves & sweet pea$15.99
Panang CurryPangang curry+coconut milk with bell peppers,carrots&ground roasted peanut$15.99
Noodle & Rice
Pad ThaiChoice : Chicken/Pork/Beef/Tofu$15.99
Drunken NoodlesChoice : Chicken/Pork/Beef/Tofu$15.99
Pad See EwChoice : Chicken/Pork/Beef/Tofu$15.99
Fried RiceChoice : Chicken/Pork/Beef/Tofu$15.99
ATK Fried RiceFried rice with beef,pork,chicken,shrimp,cashew nut, onion,pineapple,scallion,carrots$18.99
Basil Fried RiceStir-Fried white rice with basil, eggs, onions, carrots & scallions$16.99
Peruvian Corner
Lomo SaltadoStrip skirt steak stir-fry red onions, tomatoes crispy french fried & cilantro$15.99
Pollo SaltadoStrip chicken stir-fry red onions, tomatoes, crispy french fried & cilantro$14.99
SalchipapaDish of cut-up fried hot dog and french fries served with your favorite sauce$7.99
Duck Special
ATK Crispy DuckTamarind & palm sugar sauteed with cashew nuts, carrots pineapple & sweet pea$26.99
Crispy Duck CurryCrispy duck with basil leaves, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, pineapples, sweet peas in red curry sauce$26.99
Thai Ginger Crispy DuckSauteed Crispy duck with ginger, onions, bell peppers, pineapples, mushrooms & scallions in special sauce$26.99
Thai Basil Crispy DuckSauteed Crispy duck with basil, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, onions & mushrooms in basil sauce$26.99
Green SaladHomemade ginger or peanut dressing$4.99
Tiger Tear SaladGrilled beef with spicy sacue,onions,scallions,cilantro,tomatoes&ground roasted rice$9.99
Shrimp Spicy SaladSteam shrimp with onions,scallions,cilantro&tomatoes in spicy thai sauce$10.99
Jasmine White Rice$3.00
French Fries$4.99
Brown RiceSteam Brown Rice$3.00
Stean Rice NoodlesSteam Rice Noodles$3.00
Mango Sticky RiceAuthentic Thai dessert made of glutinous rice, fresh coconut milk top with a ripe mango$8.99
Thai Donut$5.99
Cheesecake Tempura$5.99
Lychee On Ice$5.99
Thai Iced Tea$4.99
Cha Dum YenThai Iced Tea with no milk$4.99

Thai Street Food Wynwood Hours

(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
12–10 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday12–10 PM
Thursday12–10 PM
Friday3 PM–2 AM
Saturday3 PM–2 AM
Sunday12 PM–2 AM

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  • Thai restaurant

6 Reviews for Thai Street Food Wynwood

shirley “shirlz” f review for Thai Street Food Wynwood
shirley “shirlz” f Rated 4.0 out of 5, to Thai Street Food Wynwood
  • by shirley “shirlz” f
  • |
  • Google Reviews

I was a bit nervous ordering here through Ubereats. I was really craving Thai and didn’t want to be disappointed. I’m familiar with authentic Thai food from visiting Thailand and I know Asian food is usually a hit or miss in Miami but I was pleasantly surprised. Pork dumplings were good. The drunken noodles were savory and great in flavor. I’m happy they offer pork as a protein as some places don’t but My complaint is the pork was over cooked. The mango sticky rice was 10/10!

Eleander Olyphant review for Thai Street Food Wynwood
Eleander Olyphant Rated 4.0 out of 5, to Thai Street Food Wynwood
  • by Eleander Olyphant
  • |
  • Google Reviews

The food: Ordered for first time (this is a ghost kitchen); having been to Thailand many times I'm pretty familiar with the food and to me this was fairly authentic. I ordered several dishes with Medium spice and thought the spice level was right on. The Pad Ka Prao was very good (rice a little dry & egg wasn't same as Thai eggs but still good). They definitely have Americanized the menu a bit but I think there's still a good bit of authenticity in the food from what I tried.The service: I picked up my order & that process is a little awkward - wasn't sure if my order was being prepped, no notice on screen, email or text about status - but it was brought out by an employee eventually.Overall I was able to get a reminder of Thai food until my next visit.

Mari Betancourt review for Thai Street Food Wynwood
Mari Betancourt Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Thai Street Food Wynwood
  • by Mari Betancourt
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

I was wanting Asian food but have been disappointed with other restaurants on Uber eats. Thai Street food was delicious...definitely will order again.

Семен Бахча review for Thai Street Food Wynwood
Семен Бахча Rated 3.0 out of 5, to Thai Street Food Wynwood
  • by Семен Бахча
  • |
  • Google Reviews

Ordered 3 items, only 2 arrived, instead of 3-rd they have send me half of the box of rice.maybe it’s a joke. Tried to call them, nobody answered. Sad.

D Sanak review for Thai Street Food Wynwood
D Sanak Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Thai Street Food Wynwood
  • by D Sanak
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Ordered delivery on Uber Eats. Food was so good I ordered again the next day because I craved it so much. I have never tasted such a rich and savory Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles)… it was incredible. But most of all I could not believe how amazing the Tom Kha Gai soup is. I don’t even like soup but I was literally overwhelmed at how great this tasted. AMAZING. I highly recommend the Drunken Noodles and the Tom Kha Gai (chicken) to anyone who wants to try this restaruant. You will not be disappointed.

Idy A review for Thai Street Food Wynwood
Idy A Rated 3.0 out of 5, to Thai Street Food Wynwood
  • by Idy A
  • |
  • Google Reviews

Heads up: this is a virtual kitchen. I ordered beef pad thai for pick up via Ubereats. Order was ready in 5-10 mins and it showed. Beef was just barely cooked through and flavor was weird. Pick up was easy. No parking lot; street parking only.

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