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For those in search of the pinnacle of Restaurant experiences, Sweet Paris Coral Gables at 3005 Ponce de Leon Suite 142 is a name you can't overlook. With an impressive 4.5 stars ratings, based on 96 Google user reviews rating and a convenient phone number, (786) 360-3519, they've rightfully earned their place on our list. Stay tuned as we uncover the reasons behind their resounding success.

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From Sweet Paris Coral Gables"Now Open at The Plaza at Coral Gables."
FOOD - Savory Crepes
Chicken Alfredogrilled chicken, mushrooms, mozzarella, parmesan, & alfredo sauce$15.50
Chicken Carbonaragrilled chicken, mozzarella, bacon, parmesan, & cream sauce$15.50
Chicken Enchiladagrilled chicken, refried beans, topped with crema, queso fresco, cilantro, & chipotle sauce$14.95
Chicken Florentinegrilled chicken, creamed spinach, garlic, thyme, basil, mozzarella, & parmesan cheese$15.50
Ham & Gruyèresmoked ham, gruyère cheese, dijon mustard, fresh oregano, & béchamel sauce$14.25
Le Californiaturkey, mozzarella cheese, bacon, truffle oil, basil infused cherry tomatoes, avocado, jalepenos & spring mix$15.50
Nordicsmoked salmon, dill sour cream, capers, scallions, pickled red onions, & lemon$15.75
Philly Cheesesteakribeye steak, steakhouse provolone sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, onions, & bell peppers$15.75
The Veganportobello mushrooms, black bean purée, corn salsa, & chipotle sauce$14.75
Truffled Capresemozzarella, basil infused cherry tomatoes, & truffle oil$14.25
Turkey, Grapes & Brieturkey, french brie, red grapes, spring mix, walnuts, & dijon vinaigrette$14.25
FOOD - Sweet Crepes
Apple Cinammon Crème Brûlée Crêpetorched vanilla cream with caramelized apples, dulce de leche, & cinnamon$15.75
Berry Agave (Vegan) Crêpeapples caramelized in agave syrup, strawberries, & blackberries$15.75
Bonne Mamanfour berries jam with sweet cream$11.75
Cookie Buttercookie butter, sweet cream cheese, strawberries and coulis, & white chocolate chip morsels$14.25
Dulce De Leche Crêpe$11.75
Dulce De Leche W/ Bananas Crêpe$13.75
Dulce De Leche W/ Strawberries & Banana Crêpe$14.25
Dulce De Leche W/ Strawberries Crêpe$13.75
Lemon & Sugar Crêpefresh lemon, whipped butter, & vanilla bean sugar$9.75
Nutella Bananas Crêpe$13.25
Nutella Plain Crêpe$11.25
Nutella Strawberries Crêpe$13.25
Nutella With Strawberries & Bananas Crêpe$13.75
Oreo Cookies N' Cream Crêpeoreo cookie crumbles and vanilla cream filling$13.75
Plain Sweet$9.00
S'mores Crêpenutella, torched marshmallows, graham crackers, & semi-sweet chocolate drizzle$14.95
FOOD - Waffles
Apple Cinammon Crème Brûlée Waffle$13.50
DDL Bananas Waffle$11.50
DDL Strawberries Waffle$11.50
DDL With Straw & Ban Waffle$12.25
Dulce De Leche Waffle$10.50
Nutella Bananas Waffle$11.50
Nutella Strawberries Waffle$11.50
Nutella Waffle$10.50
Nutella With Straw & Ban Waffle$12.25
Plain Waffle$9.25
Nutella S'mores Waffle$12.25
FOOD - Soups
Potato Bacon Soup$6.50
FOOD - Salads
Cobb Saladspring mix, hard boiled eggs, basil infused cherry tomatoes, avocado, bacon, feta, corn salad, with dijon vinaigrette$16.75
Salade De Chèvrespring mix, goat cheese, walnuts, almonds, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, parmesan crisps, with dijon vinaigrette$16.75
FOOD - Paninis
Caprese Paninifresh mozzarella, basil infused cherry tomatoes, truffle oil, & basil pesto$14.25
Pesto Ham & Gruyere Paniniblack forest ham, gruyère cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, & chipotle béchamel spread$14.75
FOOD - Kids Crepes
Kids Chicken Alfredo$9.25
Kids Dulce De Leche$8.50
Kids Ham & Mozzarella$8.25
Kids Nutella$8.25
Kids PB & J$8.95
Kids Pepperoni Pizza Crêpe$9.25
FOOD - Crêpes of the Month
Beef StroganoffMouthwatering sirloin steak made with delicious stroganoff sauce, onions, scallions, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.$15.95
Tres LechesTres Leches batter, torched meringue, dulce de leche, sweet condensed milk & strawberries$14.95
DRINKS - Bottled Beverages
Aqua Panna$5.25
Fresh Orange Juice$5.25
Martinelli's Apple Juice$4.00
Spindrift Lemon$3.75
Topo Chico Sparkling$3.50
DRINKS - Fountain Drinks/Iced Tea/Lemonade
Black Iced Tea$3.75
Fountain Drinks$3.50
Peach Lemonade$3.75
Raspberry Lemonade$3.75
Tropical Iced Tea$3.75
DRINKS - Hot Drinks
*Cafè Latte$4.50
*Green Tea Latte$4.75
*Hot Tea$3.50
*Mayan Hot Chocolate$5.00
*Mocha Latte$4.50
*Nutella Hot Chocolate$5.00
*Nutella Latte$5.00
*Nutella Marshmallow Hot Chocolate$5.25
*Spiced Chai Latte$4.75
*Gingerbread Latte$6.95
DRINKS - Milkshakes
*Nutella Graham Milkshake$11.95
*Oreo Milkshake$11.95
*Reese's Milkshake$11.95
*Very Berry Milkshake$11.95
BREAKFAST CREPES - Breakfast Crêpes
Alaskansmoked salmon, pickled red onions, capers, and scrambled eggs, topped with dill sour cream, & scallions$14.95
Allison's Parfaitvanilla low fat yogurt, bananas, strawberries, granola, toasted almonds, & a drizzle of honey$13.95
Croque Madamescrambled eggs, gruyère cheese, smoked ham, & béchamel sauce$14.25
La Canadiennemozzarella cheese, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, & maple syrup$14.25
Le Mexicainscrambled eggs, queso fresco, refried beans, cumin and cinnamon spiced carnitas, topped with chipotle sauce, crema, avocado, & cilantro$14.75
The Feastscrambled eggs, feta, ricotta, mozzarella, tomatoes, spinach, & mushrooms$14.25
The Floridian$14.75
EGGS (Weekday) - Eggs
French Breakfast3 eggs any style, bacon strips, & brioche$12.25
Les Omelettespick 3 of the following toppings, extra topping at $0.50 cents/item$13.50
EGGS (Weekend) - Eggs
French Breakfast3 eggs any style, bacon strips, & brioche$12.25
Les Omelettespick 3 of the following toppings, extra topping at $0.50 cents/item$13.50
Eggs - Eggs
French Breakfast$12.25
Les Omelettes$13.25

Sweet Paris Coral Gables Hours

(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
8 AM–9 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday8 AM–9 PM
Wednesday8 AM–9 PM
Thursday8 AM–9 PM
Friday8 AM–9 PM
Saturday8 AM–9 PM
Sunday8 AM–9 PM

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6 Reviews for Sweet Paris Coral Gables

Juan Carlos Navia review for Sweet Paris Coral Gables
Juan Carlos Navia Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Sweet Paris Coral Gables
  • by Juan Carlos Navia
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Great place, the atmosphere is great and I really have to mention the outstanding service, really appreciated. The Chicken Alfredo Crêpe is my favorite, with chunky delicious pieces of chicken. And for the sweet tooth I’ll definitely go with the Apple Cinnamon Crème Brûlée with ice cream. The coffee is also very good, you can’t go wrong with the cappuccino.

Augusto Gonzalez review for Sweet Paris Coral Gables
Augusto Gonzalez Rated 3.0 out of 5, to Sweet Paris Coral Gables
  • by Augusto Gonzalez
  • |
  • Google Reviews

I went to this new place to try the coffee with some friends, it was okay, maybe watered down, but it didn't taste bad, the waffle was a little bad, it was soggy although they had just made it and I thought that because of the price and that I only asked for it with dulce de leche was going to bring like a lot more dulce de leche on top.But the girls who served us are super friendly, the place is super cute and the music 10/10

Janet Santiesteban (RandomLols) review for Sweet Paris Coral Gables
Janet Santiesteban (RandomLols) Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Sweet Paris Coral Gables
  • by Janet Santiesteban (RandomLols)
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Absolutely enjoyed this place. Went for a late lunch with friends and I ordered the chicken carbonara crepe it was delicious. I also ordered a Nutella latte which I was absolutely obsessed with it was delicious and last we all shared a chocolate and strawberry crepe everything was delicious and the staff was very nice. The inside and outside seating is so cute what a wonderful place I will be going back!

pebbles santiago review for Sweet Paris Coral Gables
pebbles santiago Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Sweet Paris Coral Gables
  • by pebbles santiago
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

it was my first time visiting Sweet Paris & it did not disappoint. the ladies were very welcoming upon arrival, all smiles with pleasant energy. ordering process was quick & the food didn’t take long at all to come out. got the philly cheesesteak crêpe and a nutella latte. everything was super tasty. what I really enjoyed, which was so simple yet delicious, was the vinaigrette on the bed of greens served w the crêpe. would def come back to try a sweet crêpe or to enjoy a savory one + a latte again. serene atmosphere in a nice location! will be back for sure :)

Lucas GM review for Sweet Paris Coral Gables
Lucas GM Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Sweet Paris Coral Gables
  • by Lucas GM
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

The food and the service in this place is amazing. Highly recommended to get a great cup of coffee or an indulgent dessert / crepe or a salad…beautiful decor. Located at THE PLAZA Coral Gables. Recommended 100%.

Geetha Selva review for Sweet Paris Coral Gables
Geetha Selva Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Sweet Paris Coral Gables
  • by Geetha Selva
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

One of the best finds during my stay in Miami. Atmosphere, food and service is impeccable. Everything I had was delicious but definitely recommend the Apple crème brûlée crepe. It was out of this world! Highly recommend this stop for anyone looking for a quick bite and coffee.

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