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Beneath Miami's vibrant surface lies Nom Artisan Bakery, a testament to Dessert shop perfection. Situated gracefully at Munch Labs and easily contacted at (786) 828-8218, they've achieved a remarkable 4.5 stars ratings, based on 12 Google user reviews rating. Explore with us as we dive deep into the qualities that position them as a top-tier choice for Dessert shop enthusiasts.

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From Nom Artisan Bakery"Indulge in late-night cravings with our irresistible handmade cake jars at Nom Artisan Bakery, located inside Munch Labs! Satisfy your sweet tooth with our soft and moist desserts, available for delivery through UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates....  More
All Day - Promos
Party Pack (6 Jars)6 Jars of your choice!$53.99
Cake Jar Trio (3 Jars)3 Jars of your choice!$27.99
All Day - Dessert
Lemon Tart Jar (8oz)Cake crumbs, cookie crumbles, cream cheese and lemon frosting.$9.99
Carrot Cake Jar (8oz)Carrot cake crumbs + Cream Cheese Frosting + Praline Pecans. *This product contains cinnamon and pecans*$9.99
Tiramisu Jar (8oz)Coffee-moistened cake crumbs, cream cheese frosting, cocoa powder.$9.99
Choco-Berries Jar (8oz)Chocolate Cake Crumbs + Berries Jam + Chocolate Ganache + Cream Cheese Frosting$9.99
Caramel Cheesecake Jar (8oz)Cookie Crumbs Base + Cream Cheese Frosting + Butterscotch Caramel + Chopped Nuts (peanuts, almonds and cashews)$10.99
Biscoff Cheesecake Jar (8oz)Cookie Crumbs Base + Cream Cheese Frosting + Biscoff Cookie Butter$10.99
Create Your Cheesecake Jar (8oz)Our unique cheesecake base + your favorite topping$10.99
All Day - Cake Slices
Homemade Carrot CakeOur homemade Carrot Cake with a layer of cream cheese frosting and topped with praline pecans... A must try!$7.99
All Day - Add-Ons
Mini Birthday Topper*Style may vary*$5.00
All Day - Drinks
Water (16oz)$2.50
Coke (12oz)$3.00
Coke Zero (12oz)$3.00

Nom Artisan Bakery Hours

(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
6 PM–2 AM
Hours might differ
Tuesday6 PM–2 AM
Wednesday6 PM–2 AM
Thursday6 PM–2 AM
Friday6 PM–3 AM
Saturday6 PM–3 AM
Sunday6 PM–1 AM

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  • Dessert shop
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