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As we continue our quest to unveil Miami's finest, we introduce you to CVI.CHE 105, a true gem in the realm of Peruvian restaurant. Situated gracefully at 105 NE 3rd Ave and just a phone call away at (305) 577-3454, it's a destination that caters to the discerning Peruvian restaurant connoisseur. Stay with us to discover what sets them apart.

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From CVI.CHE 105"CVI.CHE 105 is a twelve-year award-winning Peruvian restaurant with 3 locations in the cosmopolitan city of Miami, including Downtown, South Beach and Aventura Mall. Known for their vast selection of creative and unique ceviches, among several other...  More
All Day - Food - Causas
Causa LimeñaPeruvian potato mixed with yellow pepper and lime juice, topped with chicken salad, avocado and our signature yellow pepper sauce.$14.00
Causa Cóctel De Camarones Con PaltaOur famous causa is accompanied with tasty shrimp, avocado, wild tomato, pisco 105's golf sauce, crunchy mix and yellow pepper aioli.$18.00
Causa De Cangrejo Con PaltaDelicious causa covered with exquisite crab pulp, acevichado mayo and chalaquita. Bathed in a succulent rocoto and fried capers sauce.$20.00
Causa Chola NikkeiOur beloved causa, topped over tuna in oriental sauce; crispy bites and our yellow pepper sauce to blend flavors.$25.00
Causa MaleadaOur majestic causa stuffed with shrimp salad. Topped with our renowned lomo saltado, smoky flavors and yellow pepper aioli. Great for groups!$33.00
Causa TraviesaStuffed with crab salad, avocado and homemade aioli, topped with creamy fish ceviche with Peruvian peppers. Served with crispy calamari and whole lotta love. Perfect to share!$34.00
All Day - Food - Tiraditos
Pura TradiciónFine slices of white fish and natural leche de tigre with all the flavor of yesteryear, touches of limo pepper and cilantro.$16.00
El De CarretillaFine slices of white fish, creamy rocoto sauce, crispy calamari and a lot of passion.$20.00
Inti RaymiFine slices of white fish, yellow pepper sauce with all the Inca power and chalaquita.$17.00
Pulpo EstiradoSliced octopus from the reef, drizzled with a Mediterranean sauce, avocado chalaquita and crispy Andean sweet potato laces.$25.00
Tartare Con EstiloDices of tuna marinated in Nikkei sauce, avocado and olive oil, homemade crackers, seasonal veggies and quinoa pop.$24.00
Hamachi TiraditoSliced hamachi marinated with ginger and soy sauce, our iconic acevichado sauce, hints of truffle oil, onion mix and fresh sprouts.$24.00
Tataki Acevichado A La BrasaCatch of the day brought to a fire with a special sauce from northern Peru. A touch of smoky yellow pepper, sweet potato puree and ground toasted corn.$24.00
All Day - Food - Appetizers
Conchas ChalacasPeruvian scallops topped with fresh chalaquita callao style; made with onion, tomato, cilantro, limo pepper, lime and the special touch of Juan chipoco. Unbeatable!$24.00
Pulpito HerraduraTender pieces of octopus marinated in anticuchera sauce and pisco 105. Accompanied with golden potatoes, salsa criolla and our perfect mochica sauce.$25.00
All Day - Food - Ceviches
Ceviche ChucuitoCatch of the day, fresh scallops, tender octopus from the reef and crispy calamari. All these gems s served with a rocoto leche de tigre and a secret touch.$32.00
El Del BarrioWhite fish in cubes, tender octopus, rocoto leche de tigre and crispy calamari.$24.00
All Day - Food - Rolls
Furai 105Salmon, avocado and cream cheese. Topped with tuna Nikkei, chipotle aioli and sweet soy reduction.$22.00
Acevichado 105Crab salad, avocado and crispy shrimp. Topped with fresh tuna and bathed with our acevichado sauce and togarashi pepper.$19.00
Jalea RollGrilled asparagus, crab salad and avocado. Topped with one of those "Jaleas" and bathed in leche de tigre tartar.$22.00
La Perricholi 105Crispy rice bites topped with mancora tuna, rocoto aioli, eel sauce and truffle oil.$22.00
All Day - Food - Traditional
Aji De GallinaSucculent shredded chicken breast covered in yellow pepper cream, milk, piso bread, pecans and parmesan cheese. Color, texture and flavor in full harmony.$18.00
El Seco De Res De AntañoTender pieces of beef slowly cooked with chicha de jora, cilantro and secret potions that will make this stew the perfect experience. Accompanied with mouthwatering canary beans with hints of pork belly. Topped with salsa criolla.$24.00
Lomo A Lo PobreJuicy cuts of tenderloin, onion, tomato, yellow pepper and cilantro, stir fried wok style. Mounted with z fried eggs and the best sweet plantains. Accompanied with crunchy French fries and delicious white rice. You deserve it!$27.00
All Day - Food - Rices
El Arroz Con Pollo De Mis RecuerdosSucculent preparation of rice, cilantro and Peruvian peppers, juicy chicken, papa a la huancaína and salsa criolla. Unresistable!$22.00
Risotto Y Lomo SaltadoRisotto Peruvian style in huancaína sauce with our popular lomo saltado that you love so much. A touch of parmesan and lots of passion.$32.00
All Day - Food - Tacus
Tacu Tacu MarisqueroDelicious and crispy made of canary beans, rice, Peruvian peppers and hints of pork. Bathed in a creamy seasonal seafood sauce. Careful, you may get addicted!$29.00
Tacu Tacu De Aji De GallinaDelicious and crispy made of white rice and grandma's ají de gallina. Served with soft pieces of filet mignon, jumbo shrimp, onions and tomatoes, all flambeed in a lomo saltado reduct.$35.00
All Day - Food - Signature
Conchas Gratin 105Fresh Peruvian scallops and cheese au gratin. Topped with a creamy sauce and lime.$28.00
Parihuela AmelcochadaAll the essence of our Parihuela fused with a risotto mixed with squid, shrimp, mussels and clams. Topped with our perfectly pan fried catch of the day.$40.00 105Boneless short rib slowly cooked in succulent ragu and accompanied with risotto in truffle huancaína.$36.00
El Verdadero Mar Y MontañaRib-eye grilled to your preference and wrapped in a predominant seafood sauce. Served with smoky asparagus, peppers and chimichurri.$68.00
All Day - Food - From the Sea
Sopa Parihuela Levántate LázaroRestoring and aphrodisiacal soup from the sea with an addictive flavor that catches the essence of select seafood, white fish and lambayeque finest chicha de jora.$28.00
Pargo CaribeñoWhole deboned snapper and crispy shrimp, bathed in leche de tigre tartar. Accompanied with crunchy chalaquita avocado tostones.$55.00
Pasta Frutos Del MarSelect seafood from the pacific ocean, wrapped in marisquera sauce with a touch of cilantro and white wine. Accompanied with our linguini bathed in healthy olive oil.$31.00
Linguini "Mar Y Tierra 105"Comforting pasta wrapped in our traditional huancaina sauce, Peruvian peppers and paria cheese. Served with soft pieces of grilled filet mignon and shrimps, flambeed with pisco 105.$31.00
All Day - Food - To Share
Fuente PacificoClassic ceviche, ceviche misterioso y abusivo, hamachi tiradito and acevichado maki.$52.00
Conchudo Y No ComparteFour Peruvian scallops chalaquita style, four leche de tigre oysters, mixed ceviche with avocado leche de tigre and crunchy tostones.$54.00
Combo CalientePulpito a la herradura, mixed jalea, tenderloin anticucho and parmesan scallops Juan chipoco style.$60.00
Parrilla MochicaJumbo shrimp anticuchos, Peruvian scallops, mahi mahi and filet mignon, bathed with anticuchera sauce and brought to the fire. Served with select seafood, lyonnaise potatoes and topped with chimichurri octopus tentacle. Madly flavorful!$110.00
Pulpo Entero GrilladoWhole octopus marinated with anticuchera sauce and grilled to perfection. Accompanied with roasted potatoes, Mediterranean emulsion and chalaquita. Perfect for groups!$90.00
Seco A La ChiclayanaBoneless short rib slowly cooked with chicha de jora, cilantro, loche and black beer for a potent and unique taste. Served with canarian beans with hints of pork and white rice with steamed corn.$42.00
All Day - desert
Tocinillo Del CieloCoconut flan with soft caramel on top.$12.00
Suspiro LimeñoRenowned desert of Peru, beautifully smooth with a cinnamon scent, seductive and leading us to the happiness we deserve.$12.00
Mousse De MaracuyaFine pieces of crumble chocolate cookies under a creamy and delicious passion fruit pulp and decorated with a chocolate cookie.$12.00
Trilogía De Sabores Peruanos A La CucharaSuspiro limeño, mousse de maracuyá and mousse de lúcuma.$22.00
Lúcuma Mousse CakeThe lúcuma is a typical Peruvian fruit which we have used in a classic cheesecake over a base of chocolate cookies and a piece of chocolate on top.$12.00
Souffle De Crema Chantilly Con FresasThree layers of soft cake stuffed with dulce de leche, strawberries, apricots and Chantilly cream bordered with toasted almonds.$12.00
Ambrosia Tres Capas De ChocolateWet chocolate cake, pisco chocolate truffle and chocolate mousse.$12.00
MistiThree-layer volcano filled with lucuma mousse, crumble chocolate cookies and suspiro limeño. Topped with meringue.$12.00

CVI.CHE 105 Hours

(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
12–10:30 PM
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Tuesday12–10:30 PM
Wednesday12–10:30 PM
Thursday12–10:30 PM
Friday12–11:30 PM
Saturday12–11:30 PM
Sunday12–10:30 PM

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