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For the ultimate Miami French restaurant experience, your compass should point to Buena Vista Deli at 4590 NE 2nd Ave. Their 4.5 stars ratings, based on 718 Google user reviews rating and user-friendly phone number, (305) 576-3945, speak volumes about their dedication to excellence. Dive into our comprehensive coverage as we dissect why they are the unparalleled choice for French restaurant aficionados.

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Buena Vista Deli Hours

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7 AM–5 PM
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Tuesday7 AM–5 PM
Wednesday7 AM–5 PM
Thursday7 AM–5 PM
Friday7 AM–5 PM
Saturday7 AM–7 PM
Sunday7 AM–7 PM

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6 Reviews for Buena Vista Deli

Michelle review for Buena Vista Deli
Michelle Rated 1.0 out of 5, to Buena Vista Deli
  • by Michelle
  • |
  • Google Reviews
1.0 Poor

Fruit bowl is not fresh at all it’s terrible…chocolate croissant is hard, not crispy at all, salmon croissant is meh. The service was good but the food was bad. So, Very bad overall

natasha v (Tash) review for Buena Vista Deli
natasha v (Tash) Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Buena Vista Deli
  • by natasha v (Tash)
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Where do I start. I love the food, service and ambiance. I came in for the first time on Friday morning and I’m back today Monday morning. I haven’t stop thinking of the delicious egg and bacon croissant…. It is perfection. I also had a superDuPont juice which was orange, carrot, and ginger juice so yummy. And my fiancé had a combo number one, which was soup or salad and half a sandwich. He opted for a Greek salad and a roast beef sandwich. He loved it. We took a croissant to go, and a crème brûlée. The croissant wasn’t as good as it was there at the restaurant, but the crème brûlée was phenomenal. On my second visit I ordered the egg and bacon croissant to go and while I waited I had a chouquette. It was so yummy. I can’t forget to mention Robert he was he both times and was so wonderful. He greeted us warmly and was extremely kind. I highly recommend checking this delish french deli out.

Karen L review for Buena Vista Deli
Karen L Rated 1.0 out of 5, to Buena Vista Deli
  • by Karen L
  • |
  • Google Reviews
1.0 Poor

I have been a customer of this bakery for years since the first French owner. However, now the quality is awful, so I always order from Uber. Today, I ordered via Doordash, and I received a rotten sandwich! It was totally gross! How do you guys sell this kind of food? What kind of employees do you have? I will never order from there again. Rotten food can cause serious bacterial infections and illnesses that can be harmful to people’s health!

Pakito Bentz-Gomez review for Buena Vista Deli
Pakito Bentz-Gomez Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Buena Vista Deli
  • by Pakito Bentz-Gomez
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

The service here is always amazing. The older woman with tattoos in her arms is so Kind and so thoughtful. My friends had ordered soups and she brought me one so I wasn’t left out - and that to me was amazing! Love this place…. For the last 8years it has been amazing. Great job! Never change.

Raquel Mantegna review for Buena Vista Deli
Raquel Mantegna Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Buena Vista Deli
  • by Raquel Mantegna
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

The closest thing I've had to pastries in France. This place has delicious french pastries! My absolute favorite is the Almond Croissant. All their pastries are exactly as they should be. You can tell they put a lot of love into their products.I've had the strawberry tart, regular croissant, chocolate croissant, almond croissant, Royal chocolat, Napoleon, cappuccino and the quiche (❤️❤️❤️❤️) Not one single negative things from any of these items. This places also sells homemade bread! Service was excellent….thanks!!! I will comeback again!

Jen S. review for Buena Vista Deli
Jen S. Rated 5.0 out of 5, to Buena Vista Deli
  • by Jen S.
  • |
  • Google Reviews
5.0 Excellent

Wow! Had a fantastic breakfast here this week! I wish I could eat their quiche every day!! The outdoor patio is charming and shaded, my mocha with almond milk was perfect, and the staff was super friendly and attentive. Can’t wait to go back!

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